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The 1st annual @LASk8FilmFest is only tw

The 1st annual @LASk8FilmFest is only two weeks away! Have your sk8 films viewed by some of the industry greats:

AP Ripper of the Month :: Rex Eure

Action Profiles’ Ripper of the month for February goes to Rex Eures of Raleigh, NC, USA. The East coast has always had it’s fair share of talent, and Rex is no exception. What’s so rad about Eure (besides his clean backside flips) is his commitment to family.  Rex loves his kids and is an inspiration to all skate dads as well as an awesome role model to little rippers everywhere….

Where are you from?

I’m from Norfolk, VA, but I’ve lived all over the world!

Favorite thing about the East Coast skate scene?

The East Coast is so versatile that it gives you everything that your mind can imagine to skate

Favorite spot?

I travel so much, that it’s hard to find a “favorite spot”. I will have to say Freedom Plaza, in Washington D.C., would have to be at the top of my list. MARBLE!!!

Why did you start skating?

Living in Germany while my pop was in the Army, had a lot to do with it. It was either skate or play basketball…I’m not main stream, especially stereo typical. I picked up a board, and the rest is history!


First and foremost, I’d like to thank God for giving me the drive and talent, my children, without them, I wouldn’t have the motivation to continue! but I’d like to also thank my friends and sponsors: Suicide Skateboards, Levitate Apparel, SOS Eyewear, Draven Shoes, Rockwell Watches, and Herron Trucks.

Thanks to all the talented designers/rid

Thanks to all the talented designers/riders that stepped up to throw down some good designs for the @DFGProject project to benefit @CommonThreadz …. We posted the top 8 entries for you to vote on before the judges commence their deliberation…

AP Ripper of the Month :: Carrie Cates

Action Profiles’ Ripper of the month for January goes to Carrie Cates of Highland Falls, NY, USA. What’s so rad about Carrie is that she’s an Army Veteran, who can hold her own both on and off the slopes… she’s the real deal. Carrie currently rides for,,,,,, and is on the street team for Carrie would like to thank all her sponsors and  give credit to my photographer “Doc” C Hetman.

Check out her profile on

AP Ripper of the Month :: Rene Rodriguez

Action Profiles’ Ripper of the month for December goes to Rene Rodriguez of Layton, UT, USA. Rene currently rides for Edge Motorsports and Kye found this kid at the recent  AP Salt City Arena Cross event where he was annihilating the course like a seasoned veteran. Rene is 7 years old and dominates the 50cc class. Keep your eyes on him, he’s definitely going places fast! Check out this video:

Rene has a younger brother names Matias who is also a force to be reckoned with on the course. Their Father Rene Sr. is a an awesome guy who loves Motorcross and loves his boys even more, you can read more at Be sure to check out Rene’s his full profile at and watch him race at the upcoming AP Salt City Arena Cross Event Dec. 18th -19th,

151 South 1100 West
Farmington, Utah 84025


Support your local skate scene… or go create one

One of the coolest aspects of is finding people in different parts of the country or world, working hard to create a good scene in their community. What’s so great about skating(and action sports in general) is the community vibe that ties us all together regardless location, gender, religion etc. About 5 months ago I had the pleasure meeting a guy named Vaughn who has been giving back to skateboarding in his community since day 1. He isn’t just waiting for a good scene to happen, he’s out there creating one. For 10 years Vaughn has been pounding the pavement to get a good skatepark in his town of Bridgewater Nova Scotia. After recruiting the help of local skaters, city council and business owners the Bridgewater Skate Commitee was formed,… This year they were able to get a piece of land to develop Nova Scotia’s 1st skate plaza. But there is still so much that needs to be done….

My mission is to create a safe and creative space for skater to develop themselves while throwing bangers. With this booth set up in our mail, not only are we getting the word out that we worked our asses off and have gained some leeway, but that we are great people and have done tons of work for the community.

So what i am looking for is support and sponsorship from companies around the world, this can either me with adding a banner to your site (website banner to come soon) and having your site on our support page, or donating stuff like stickers and anything else you can spare.

I am hoping to have the paper work and booth gear read with in the next 3 weeks, so please be a champ and support a small town trying to catch up with the rest of the world.


-Vaughn W.

Support your local skate scene… or go create one!

For more info on the Nova Scotia Skate Plaza Project, contact Vaughn Whynot at

Be sure to check out his blog at: